City Channel 4 has recorded and made videos available to those living in the Iowa City area for over 30 years - covering everything from City Council meetings to Ped Mall concerts, panel discussions to PSAs, lectures, interviews, community events, and much more. Members of the City’s Cable TV Office team use their creativity and skills, along with professional audio and video tools, to record and present high-quality, local programming on cable TV at City Channel 4 and here at

Media production services are available to City of Iowa City departments and divisions as well as to 501c3 non-profit organizations who serve the residents of Iowa City. If you represent a non-profit organization and would like to request that the City’s Cable TV Office staff record your upcoming community event, start the conversation by submitting details in the form below.

Event Request Form

Our email connection from this website is having problems, but we'll try to get our request form back as soon as possible. In the meantime, please email our Media Production Services Supervisor Ty Coleman at Please include detailed information about your organization, contact information, and the date, time, location and duration of your event. We'll also need to know about the event itself, so we can know what equipment will be required.