35th Annual Human Rights Awards Breakfast

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The 35th Annual Human Rights Awards Breakfast honors community citizens and organizations for their contributions to human rights locally, nationally, and internationally.

The program begins with a keynote presentation by Tammy Nyden.

This year's award winners include...

Susan Craig:
The Isabel Turner Award for work for fair and ethical treatment and/or volunteering time to an organization or business that works for these rights

Dr. Jack Stapleton:
The Rick Graf Award for long-term commitment to a specific cause or for the benefit of a specific group of persons

Kevin Sanders, NAACP:
The Linda Severson Award for contributions to human rights by an individual in a service organization

Jennifer Sherer, University of Iowa Labor Center:
The Bill Reagan Award for contributions to human rights by a business or organization

Sarah Ziegenhorn:
The Kenneth Cmiel Award for contributions to the field of human rights by a college student and/or graduate student

Refugee and Immigrant Association:
The International Award for acknowledging significant contributions to human rights in the global community

For more information about the City of Iowa City's Office of Equity and Human Rights and the Iowa City Human Rights Commission, visit

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