Iowa City City Council Meeting of September 19, 2017

Gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Iowa City City Council meeting, generally scheduled for the first and third Tuesday of each month.

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Item 1
Call to Order
Item 2
Item 3
Consider adoption of the Consent Calendar as presented or amended
Item 4
Community Comment (items not on the agenda)
Item 5a
Dodge Street Court - Ordinance conditionally rezoning 2.4 acres of property from Medium Density Single-Family (RS- 8) zone to Planned Development Overlay- Medium Density Single-Family Residential (OPD-8) zone located on Dodge Street Court
Item 5b
Alley north of City Hall - Resolution vacating alley right of way in Block 44, Original Town Plat
Item 5c
ROW adjacent to 2222 Old HWY 218 S - Resolution vacating right of way adjacent to 2222 Old Highway 218 South
Item 5d
Rezoning (Historic Landmark designation for Unitarian- Universalist Church) - Ordinance rezoning 0.20 acres of property from Central Business Support (CB-5) to Central Business Support with a Historic Preservation Overlay (CB-5 / OHP) zone located at 10 South Gilbert Street
Item 5e
Rezoning (Country Club Estates - Rohret Road west of Lake Shore Drive) - Ordinance conditionally rezoning approximately 21.77 acres of property located north of Rohret Road and west of Lake Shore Drive, from Rural Residential, RR-1, (4.16 acres) and Interim Development - Single-Family Residential, ID-RS (17.61 acres) to Low- Density Single-Family Residential, RS-5, zone
Item 5f
Country Club Estates Seventh and Eighth Additions - Resolution approving the preliminary plat of Country Club Estates, Seventh and Eighth Addition, Iowa City, Iowa
Item 6
Sale of lot in the Industrial Park - Resolution authorizing conveyance of Lot 2 in the Industrial Park to Alexander Lumber, Inc.
Item 7
Belt Filter Press Replacement - Resolution approving plans, specifications, form of agreement, and estimate of cost for the construction of the City of Iowa City Belt Filter Press Replacement Project, establishing amount of bid security to accompany each bid, directing City Clerk to post notice to bidders, and fixing time and place for receipt of bids
Item 8
Mixed Use Development - Resolution approving an agreement for private redevelopment by and between the City of Iowa City, Iowa, and Hieronymi Partnership, L.L.P., Hieronymus Square Developers, L.L.C., Iowa City ES Hotel, L.L.C., and HS314, L.L.C.
Item 9
Prohibit tobacco use in parks - Ordinance amending Title 6, entitled "Public Health and Safety," Chapter 10, entitled "Smoke Free Places," and Title 10, entitled "Public Ways and Property," to prohibit the use of tobacco including smokeless tobacco in all City parks
Item 10
Under 21 Amendment for SHOUT - Ordinance amending Title 4, Alcoholic Beverages, Chapter 5, Prohibitions and Restrictions, Section 8, Persons Under the Legal Age in Licensed or Permitted Establishments, Subsection C, referencing the City's under 21 law, adding an exception for those working with a law enforcement agency
Item 11
Unattended Vehicle Ordinance Amendment - Ordinance amending Title 9, Motor Vehicles and Traffic, Chapter 3, Rules of the Road, Section 9, General Driving Restrictions, Subsection C, referencing unattended vehicles, to allow safely parked vehicles with the motor running to be left unattended, matching State code
Item 12
Rent Abatement in Emergencies - Ordinance amending Title 17, entitled "Building and Housing," Chapter 5, entitled "Housing Code," to provide for the abatement of rent in emergencies
Item 13
Occupant transition plan - Ordinance amending Title 18, Site Plan Review, to require notification to occupants and an occupant transition plan for any additions or alterations to a residential development with more than 12 residential units
Item 14
Parks Master Plan - Resolution approving the 2017 Iowa City Parks Master Plan
Item 15
Idyllwild Drainage Diversion - Resolution approving, authorizing and directing the Mayor to execute and the City Clerk to attest an Agreement by and between the City of Iowa City and HR Green, Inc., to provide engineering consultant services for the Idyllwild Drainage Diversion Project
Item 16
Assessment Schedule - Resolution adopting an assessment schedule of unpaid mowing, clean-up of property, snow removal, sidewalk repair, and stop box repair charges and directing the Clerk to certify the same to the Johnson County Treasurer for collection in the same manner as property taxes
Item 18
Council Appointments
Item 18
Announcement of Vacancies
Item 19
Community Comment (items not on the agenda)
Item 20
City Council Information
Item 21
Report on items from city staff
Item 22
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