how the process works

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If it's meeting or event coverage that's needed, a non-profit group only needs to schedule the production and provide us with the necessary details and information (when, where, order of events, names and titles of speakers, etc). Click here to submit a request and to provide details for your upcoming event. Advance notice of two to three weeks or more is preferred. We'll videotape, edit, and then send your program to the local access channel of your choice. We'll even provide you with a complimentary copy of your program when it's complete. Generally, a program can be scheduled to appear on TV as soon as two to three weeks after taping it.

If a group is interested in creating a Public Service Announcement or an informational video, we'll meet with NPO members to discuss the message they want to convey, along with the target audience they want to reach and the goals they want the video to achieve. Then, we'll work together to determine the best the way to make that happen. Once the script has been finalized and arrangements have been made, we take it from there. We do the shooting, editing, and distribute it to the local access channel of your choice. We work closely with the non-profit throughout the production process, ensuring that we are communicating the exact message they want the community to receive.

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