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Here is your gateway to the web. We'll be expanding this as we get more requests (see the final paragraph below), but you can check out some sites of local interest from the choices to the left.

Known Issues
While we have strived to make InfoVision X run as smoothly as possible, there are still a few limitations of which you should be aware:

First, InfoVision X does not support web pages that use frames, nor is it able to open Adobe Portable Document Files (PDFs). In either event, you will be returned to the previous page. If you choose an email link, InfoVision X will display the email address so that you may write it down for later use.

Also, while InfoVision X allows you access to the Internet, not all content is suitable for use on a government access cable channel. Thus, InfoVision X maintains a "white list" of viewable web pages. If you try to go to a site that is not on this list, InfoVision X will record the URL so our staff can consider its addition to the "white list."

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