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How to Use InfoVision

Turn to Iowa City cable channel 5.

Pick up your phone, and dial 356-5478

Finding Your Way Around

Navigation of InfoVision X is accomplished through the use of the keys on your touch-tone phone. To follow a link on a web page, simply type the one-digit code (located to the left of the link) on the keys of your phone.

When the call is picked up, a menu will appear on channel 5. The first page has only three choices: 1 for video, 2 for radio, or 0 for options.

Press 1 to go to a list of video categories. As of Winter, 2012, these categories are:

  1. Features -- this category changes fairly often, and lists programs that we think are of special interest.
  2. Whats New -- the most recent additions to our program database.
  3. City Council -- City Council meetings and hearings.
  4. Government News and Meetings -- Johnson County Board of Supervisors meetings, Joint Government meetings, MPOJC meetings, as well as local news about City projects and events.
  5. Music -- This category is primarily composed of performances of the Friday Night Concerts and Market Music Concerts series.
  6. Community Television Service -- this category contains meetings and events by a variety of area non-profit organizations, including the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council, the League of Women Voters, and the AARP of Johnson County.
  7. Community Voice -- this category contains everything done by our pro-active local events and information unit, including Iowa City in Focus, Community Voice Shorts and IC People.

Within each category are lists of individual programs, arranged by date of production. The older the program is, the farther down the list it will be. Pressing the 9 key on your phone will move the next page of programs, while pressing the * key will go back to the previous page.

When you find the program you wish to view. Press the number displayed next to it to view a description. From that page, pressing 1 will start the video.

Once video begins, you can use your touch tone phone keypad to pause, stop fast forward, and rewind the video:

1 -- Pause or resume the program.
3 -- Stop video playback and return to the last page.
4 -- Skip forward 30 seconds.
6 -- Skip backwards 30 seconds.
7 -- Skip forward 3 minutes
8 -- Skip back 3 minutes.

From any screen, you can return to the main menu by pressing 0 (for options) and then 5 (return to home page).

Pressing the * key on any page will take you to the previous page. Pressing the * key on the main menu page will hang up the phone, and terminate your interaction.

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